Registering a copyright gives you many important rights over your work. Depending on the nature of your work, a copyright can allow you to reproduce it, make and distribute copies, display or perform it publicly, and create derivative works.

At CMG, we pride ourselves on counseling clients on the forms of protection that best suit their objectives and then using different methods to procure their rights. Our team assists clients in registering their works and can provide advise on complex issues faced by all creative artists whether they be a musician or a web designer.

  • Registration of Copyright.
  • Licensing and contract negotiation for your copyrighted property.
  • Establishing and protecting your “chain of title” in creative works such as musical compositions, sound recordings, music videos, films and TV scripts.
  • Securing your rights to your Internet-based properties.
  • Taking down infringing content on your behalf.
  • Analyzing different ways for you to monetize your creative rights.