From a concept, to a CAD drawing, to a full scale cardboard sample, your customised packaging solution is quickly and expertly designed and produced under one roof, ready for testing.


Our team of experts will work in partnership with you to engineer your ideal packaging solution. Let our design and engineering team guide you through the process towards achieving your ultimate packaging outcome. 

Light Cardboard

Our division of lightweight cartons is capable of producing an immense variety of folding packagings, cardboard covers and unique structures.


We make labels on polymers of plastics, paper materials and reagents to cold environments, for plastic and glass plates.

Paper Rolls

We have the ability to perform all kinds of paper jobs, cut & stack labels for different applications. 

Sticker Rolls

We make all kinds of self-adhesive labels in plastic and paper, roll or stack, laminated, varnished and with Ultra Violet (UV) quality.