Responsive web design allows optimal viewing of websites on a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors, laptops to mobile phones or tablet devices.

Over the past couple of years, responsive websites have become a hot topic in the online community and is fast entering the realm of standard practice. Responsive websites respond to their environment which basically means websites should adapt their layout and design to fit any device that chooses to display it.

There are several reasons why responsive website design is important.

The first is that businesses no longer have the expense of having multiple websites, each suitable for the various devices they may be viewed on. Instead, only one website needs to be built.  Another benefit is that you only have to maintain and look after one website instead of two.

Next, is the fact that responsive websites will load quicker on mobile devices than those which are classed as ‘mobile’ websites. This not only improves the users’ experience but is a positive in the eyes of Google, who reward fast loading websites, and penalized slow loading websites, with the respective move up or down on their rankings, to follow.

While mentioning Google it is also important to note that Google now sees mobile searches as having a higher priority than searches made on desktop computers. This means that their search results are going to be biased towards responsive websites that can be viewed perfectly on mobile devices.

You also have to take account of the fact that many, if not most, of your potential customers, are more likely to use their mobile devices as they go about their day, than their desktop computers. You want to be in front of those customers when they are searching for what you offer, and if your website isn’t responsive, then they will never find you.


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eCommerce & mobile devices

The simple fact is that people, and more importantly, customers, are changing the way they purchase goods and services online. For a start, the amount of information available to them is greater than ever before, so in advance of any purchase they have the means to check out the company’s track record, and in particular reviews from its customers.

The most significant change is that mobile traffic on the internet has overtaken desktop traffic which means your potential customers are more likely to be visiting your website on a mobile device. To ensure that you take advantage of that fact, it is essential that your eCommerce website is suited to mobile devices. The way this is achieved is by making it responsive, and thus able to adapt to the screen size of the device being used.

If it is responsive then your eCommerce site can more or less operate as it would on a desktop computer, albeit there may be some visual elements that change. That being said, in terms of visitors being able to browse through your website, gather information about your products, and ultimately being able to purchase them, should be as straightforward on a mobile device, as it would be on a desktop one.e

A number of key elements obviously have to be in place such as payment processing, and security. Normally, these would be part and parcel of the development of your eCommerce website when it was being created, or subsequently upgraded to include them.